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English | Signe Gad
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Welcome to my website!

If you need a professional Danish voice over to your next production, please listen to my sound reels.

I speak Danish – i.e. Danish adverts – or Danish documentary

I also speak what I call Continental English

Don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any requests or questions –

+45 28 15 94 38 or signe@professionelspeak.dk

I do have a studio, in which I can record shorter texts.
If the text is longer, it is my experience, that it is a good idea and in the end cheaper to team up with a professional sound studio. (Less studio time). I know, that you want the vo done for the lowest price – so the question is, how to fullfil that wish without compromising on the quality. Naturally, I´m taking that in consideration for each individual job!